The Elvis Presley Radio Show

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The Originals - Playlists

In order to give these recordings a fair and objective a criticism as they deserve (and it definantly does) you have to look upon them with two different pair of eyes: The eyes of the devoted Elvis-fan and the eyes of the casual music fan. However, let there be no doubt about it: For me it is musically no less than a small revelation and such a treat to hear these recordings. 

Most, Elvis recorded in the studio, but quite a lot were either recorded at home on a portable tape player, or 'off the cuff' in concert.

Whichever it is, it gives an insight into the musical tastes of Elvis Presley, especially the home recordings, where Elvis was not in the lime light, but at home, with friends and family, relaxed, singing music he enjoyed and listed too.

These originals may not have all been the versions Elvis heard, but these were the first recordings.

Listen to the songs and have a great insight into the music of Elvis Presley.

Got any favourites? Let us know.